Site Visit & Report

TBM Engineers Inc., enforces compliance with the Ontario Building Code. Compliance with the Building Code is achieved through mandatory inspections for building permits and demolitions, and investigations of emergency orders and work without permits.

We can help you with site consulting regarding a specific structural issue in your house or your construction project. We can review and certify adequacy of some part of the construction when the municipal building inspector request an engineer report. Please keep in mind that an engineer’s report is not a substitute of structural design service for a project. We report based upon visual examination of the project during site visit and we cannot be responsible for conditions not apparent during the visit, and we are not responsible for the actual construction work: the responsibility remains with the contractor.

Visual Observation Services include:

Concrete strip footings
Foundation walls
Retaining Walls
Steel reinforcement
Construction visual observation
Wood framing
Steel and weld
Structural steel
Welded and bolted connections
Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU)
Crawl space
Concrete pre-pour

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