Load Bearing Wall Removal

Is it a building permit required to remove a load bearing wall?

Yes, a building permit is required for any structural alteration of an existing dwelling.

Can I get permits with site reports?

No. A site report cannot address the legal requirements involved in a building permit.

Can the contractor just do the work with site report from engineer?

A site report may describe the type and size of the beam required to replace the load bearing wall, but cannot replace the legal requirement of a building permit under the Building Code Act. You could be fined for doing construction without a permit, and you may loss insurance coverage in the case that you present an insurance claim for your house.

Interior Renovations

I want a cathedral ceiling in my house?

We can provide with a custom design for this structural modification to the ceiling and roof of the house. Keep in mind that cutting ceiling joists may be risky for the integrity of the roof. You shall obtain advice from a structural engineer before changing the configuration of the structure of the roof. A building permit is a must.

My contractor says I need an engineer to remove a wall in my house.

A load bearing wall has been identified, and a structural design is needed for the design of a beam that will replace it. We provide the required design and obtain building permit to perform this construction within the law.

How long will it take to provide the engineering design for interior renovations?

Most of our design projects for small structural renovations take only about 2-3 weeks to prepare. We may need to measure your house, and then prepare design drawings and specifications for the structural work that is needed.

Additions & Renovations

What would be the price for design services?

We work on a fixed fee basis for most of our projects. The cost will vary according to the scope of the project, from an interior renovation to and addition or new construction, and the need to Committee of Adjustment. Our fees differ depending on the complexity of the project. Let us understand the scope of your project and we can provide you with a proposal.

Do you know someone who can build and price this project?

You may wish to consider contractors who are insured and City Licensed. We can guide you in this process, and provide you with project management services for a fixed fee. Feel free to ask for a quote.

How long will it take to get building permits?

For residential interior alterations or renovations, a building permit takes about 10 business days to be processed by the City. New homes and additions take 4 to 5 weeks. If the project includes Committee of Adjustment application, allow 5 months for building permit.

Do you design new buildings?

We can help you with new homes as well, understanding your expectations, we will produce the design you are looking for.

Can I build a third floor addition to my house?

Local zoning by-laws place limits for the size of a house, therefore, your first step is to check by-law restrictions. The next step is to verify if the structure of the house is able to withstand the load for a third floor; a site visit and calculations are needed to answer this question, and sometimes a soil report is required. Most houses foundations are adequate for this additional floor above; if not, footings shall be underpinned and widened.

May I build a basement walk-out?

Local zoning by-laws will determinate the distance from the property line to the walk-out, so the first stage is to be aware of this restrictions and review the property land survey that shows the location of the building relative to the property lines. Basement walk-out stairs need to be at least 35” wide, bottom landing, drain, handrail and guard. Additionally, the footings of the existing structure shall be protected against frost damage. Correct design of underpinning for existing foundation and insulation protection will deal with this issue.

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